Case Study
Providing expert developers
Problem identification
It leads to the cessation of new technical problems from the development side
Project clarity execution
By translating ideas into tangible results



Implement T-Systems business processes into Salesforce Sales Cloud across leads, opportunities, contracts, and quotes. Focus on SAP, Middleware, Security Proxy, and core sales-related functionality. Optimize Salesforce use by analyzing and delivering best practice usage and quality, alongside T-Systems' senior team members. Participate in ongoing calls and regular project communication as fully incorporated members of the SCRUM process and team, providing valuable input in refinement and sprint planning meetings.

Business Outcome

Experience and quality

As it is with SCRUM, T-Systems’ delivery team was in charge of choosing the right way to proceed according to their overall direction. Enehano has benefitted their team directly by serving up an extensive knowledge of the platform core from the developer’s POV.


We’ve been specifically recognized and commended for identifying problems before they become an issue. Our team frequently aids the business analysts in translating their thoughts to concrete terms in Salesforce context, combining valuable creativity and meticulousness. Often, this is done before the proposed ideas reach the refinement stage — which involves the entire team — saving time and resources.

František Trachta
Business Intelligence Services Manager

"With Omnichannel Campaign we manage better relationships with clients and more accurate content of offers."

Case studies

successful case studies

Zonky.cz is a Czech peer-to-peer service that provides online loans between people. The company, which had its CRM system based on the Salesforce platform, was looking for a partner to help manage development by combining its own experience with other Salesforce tools.

Přečíst Case Study

Kiwi.com is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world and its mission is to revolutionize tourism. Thanks to the unique Virtual Interlining technology, Kiwi.com is able to get travelers from any point A to any point B in the world at the best possible price.

Přečíst Case Study

T-Systems looked to the future to upgrade from its long-running Siebel CRM to the new Salesforce platform. Understanding and implementing the possible complications of moving to a more advanced platform was a major challenge.

Přečíst Case Study