Case Study
Extensive platform knowledge
provided by expert developers
Problem identification
halting future technical issues from developing
Project clarity & execution
by translating ideas to tangible results


we faced together

T-Systems was looking towards the future when they wanted to upgrade from their long-implemented Siebel CRM to the new Salesforce platform. Understanding and executing the intricacies of switching over to a more advanced platform posed a significant challenge, so T-Systems chose Enehano Solutions to work side-by-side with their SCRUM team of German developers to effectively roll-out this change. Now, utilizing Salesforce is one of the fundamental building blocks of T Systems' new business and marketing strategy

Our Approach

How did we tackle the challenge

Implement T-Systems business processes into Salesforce Sales Cloud across leads, opportunities, contracts, and quotes. Focus on SAP, Middleware, Security Proxy, and core sales-related functionality. Optimize Salesforce use by analyzing and delivering best practice usage and quality, alongside T-Systems' senior team members. Participate in ongoing calls and regular project communication as fully incorporated members of the SCRUM process and team, providing valuable input in refinement and sprint planning meetings.

“We are excited to have a world-class partner to Salesforce to help us manage our growth while providing customized attention to each of our partners. Working with Enehano made our way to get there seamless: implementation delivered on budget even with changing scope, attention to each user group, and everything delivered on time!”

Business Outcome

case in detials
Experience and quality

As it is with SCRUM, T-Systems’ delivery team was in charge of choosing the right way to proceed according to their overall direction. Enehano has benefitted their team directly by serving up an extensive knowledge of the platform core from the developer’s POV.


We’ve been specifically recognized and commended for identifying problems before they become an issue. Our team frequently aids the business analysts in translating their thoughts to concrete terms in Salesforce context, combining valuable creativity and meticulousness. Often, this is done before the proposed ideas reach the refinement stage — which involves the entire team — saving time and resources.

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