Overcoming Legacy Challenges Part 3

July 11, 2022
July 3, 2022

Part 3: Employee Training

One of the challenges in modernizing legacy technology is addressing internal resistance to change. Employees become comfortable and skilled in existing systems over time, and they may have already developed workarounds for existing issues. Adopting new technology and systems necessitates a comprehensive training strategy that emphasizes benefits, overall business value, inclusiveness, and performance evaluation, as well as clear metrics for modern technology adoption. The leadership team will not be willing to put the organization through the stress of change unless it truly believes transformation is a question of survival and realizes the truth of the threat to its dominant position. It may also consider the loss of short-term profits to be an unacceptable opportunity cost. 

It is important to participate by notifying employees  of the need for modernization at the right time and explaining "why" and "what is included for them. Creating a feedback loop that allows team members to send questions and feedback before, during, and after the technology upgrade can be one solution. Another solution could be giving individuals and teams autonomy, which frequently necessitates a cultural shift among incumbents.

It goes without saying that money will need to be spent on the legacy system update. However, it may typically be done gradually, preventing an organization from having to pay for everything at once. However, cautious preparation will be required to make sure that the technology improvement won't have a significant negative impact on an organization's finances.

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